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Ranger Studios

The Ranger 4 studio suitcase is a self contained studio system that is ready for immediate use. It can be supplied with a variety of different recorders and players to adapt it to users' requirements. It can be supplied with different recorders and players, headsets and microphones. The interfaces for the recorders and players are modular and can be changed in the field if users need to update their system to work with different machines.

Options and Accessories

A range of options and accessories are available, most of which are powered from the Ranger 4. They include:

Emergency Response Kit

We supply emergency response kits with additional equipment and cabling to fully equip a team to produce and broadcast programmes in a disaster area. This includes a audio production laptop already networked to the studio laptop fitted with an SMS system and 3G modem for audience relations. An additional recorder, cue lights and work lights, cellphone and interface for phones, off-air receiver, DC power option and all cables needed to connect to the transmitter and other equipment. Please enquire for more details.