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Ranger Studio Accessories and Options



The Ranger studios are compatible with a wide range of industry standard equipment. However we have selected or built a range of accessories that are especially suitable for use with the Ranger studios. The official accessories are all powered from the suitcase and do not need additional power supplies unless noted below.

It is possible to upgrade or customise the standard configuation to your requirements, for instance, we supply different recorders and players, or different software.

The table below shows which options are compatible with each system. We have also included the Feba Chrysolite in the table as a service to Chrysolite users although we are completely independent from Feba.

Please contact us if you need something that is not listed below, we can probably find a way to help you.

Compatability with Ranger and Chrysolite studios
Model Price Ranger Studios Chrysolite Other
4 5 6 Mk1-4 Mk5
Internal rechargeable battery n y y n 1 - 1 - factory option
Internal inverter (to run on 12V DC supply) y 2 2 n 2 n 2 - 12V capability supplied as standard
Extra headsets y y y y y y
Hand held capacitor mic y y y y y y with cable
Folding table mic stand y y y y y y
Different Recorders 2 2 2 3 2 3 2 - supplied as standard
3 - PSU needed
12V Cue Lights y y y n y 4 4 - PSU & switching needed
Skype Interface cable (to record Skype calls through laptop) y 2 2 5 y 2 - supplied as standard
5 - Adapter needed
Portable Telephone balance Unit y y y 6 5 3 3 - PSU needed
5 - Adapter needed
6 - PSU and adapter needed
Cellphone interface using BlueTooth y y y 5 y 5 5 - Adapter needed
Cellphone with BlueTooth y y y y y y supplied without SIM card, model depends on region
12V work lights powered from suitcase y y y n 5 6 5 - Adapter needed
6 - PSU and adapter needed

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