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The Ranger 4 studio suitcase is a self contained studio system that is ready for immediate use. It is ideally suited for:

The Ranger series are complete studio systems installed in a suitcase which can be operated with the equipment in the case. They are carefully constructed with the equipment well integrated and pre-configured so it can be used immediately on arrival. The studio systems are complete but additional equipment is available to extend the capabilities of the system.

They are ideally suited for disaster relief, emergency broadcasting, training, start-up studios and radio stations, and as a temporary studio to to replace stolen or damaged equipment. The Ranger and its predecessors have been used in all of these roles in many countries and climates. It is built into a standard suitcase and is designed not to draw attention to itself when travelling. It is highly portable, rugged and easy to use.

The Ranger 4 is an entry level studio suitcase using a commercial mixer. It is most suitable for programme production and recording, but can also be used for live broadcasting. It has a universal AC supply but a 12V or 24V DC option is available.

A range of options and accessories are available, most of which are powered from the Ranger 4. They include:

  • Cue lights
  • Receivers for off-air monitoring
  • Cell phone, telephone and Skype interfaces for phone-in programmes
  • Extra recorders and headsets
  • Work lights powered from the suitcase - self-contained operation when operating from a car battery or generator
  • Production laptop configured identically to the one in the case so it can be used as a spare
  • Additional cables and equipment for use with the full disaster response kit
  • Hardware codec and comms equipment to link to the radio station via 3G, WiFi or cabled internet connection.