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Other Suitcases

Other Suitcase Studios - Older Systems

Other Suitcase Studios

Is the Ranger the only suitcase studio?
No - suitcase studios have been around for many decades. The terms "suitcase studio" and "studio in a suitcase" are generic descriptions that have been applied to many different systems.has been applied to systems in many different fields including radio production, outside broadcast kits, TV production, journalist kits, portable recording, photographic studios and even make-up kits for use on film sets.

What is different about the Ranger?
The Ranger is a complete radio studio/control room in a suitcase, that has professional features and monitoring and can be used without demounting the equipment. It is suited for programme production as well as live broadcast.

What are some of the other suitcase studios?
Here a few examples.

Video Production - Video Streaming Services Digital Television Studio in a Suitcase (.PDF file)
- SuperVideo Cyber Television Studio in a Suitcase

TV News reporting - Reuters Studio in a Suitcase

Photographic Business in California - "The Suitcase Studio"

The list could go on and on.

Older Systems

On the left is a BBC outside broadcast suitcase illustrated in a 1964 manual, but there were earlier versions.

On the right I am shown with here the BTS Philippian suitcase mixer in 1981, (I used to build these when I was with BTS). Neve had an even more popular suitcase mixer then.

Here is one n the late 2000s. It could be fitted with mono or stereo input channels, this one has 3 mono mic/line inputs and 5 stereo line inputs.

The case could be left connected with the lid closed to prevent tampering after setting up on site. Whilst the case was reasonably portable, it also required an external power supply and bulky adaptor cables to use its full facilites.

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